Friday, 22 April 2011

new page added

NEW PAGE added - more drawings and design about the jacket (called the jacket II) Take a look , let me know what you think! I have also updated the page about the jacket (called the jacket) with more scans from my sketchbook.


  1. Hiya! I saw this on the howies blog and just wanted to give you a big fat YES for your idea. I am only just starting out with 'proper' road cycling after loving the freedom of zipping around town on my vintage hercules for years. being a fashion designer myself I feel quite self conscious in the practical (but not pretty) outfits (i.e. padded lycra shorts) my boyfriend makes me wear ;) a friend, who is studying fashion at the mo did a casual cycling range using reflective 3M thread and skirts that transform into shorts... so we'll get out nifty but nice cycling clothes one day!

  2. hello. ah lovely to hear from you and glad you like my idea! Yea couldn't agree more about those sexy padded shorts, although comfy for long rides. It's all about the casual, looking lovely sort of cycling clothes isn't it? It's nice to hear about other people like you and your friend helping the cause, I hope so too that one day we can cruise along looking as good as we feel. Your friend's project sounds interesting, is there a web link of any of her work? Would just be nice to take a nosey!